Coosemans Interproduce is a trusted partner for countless produce businesses of all sizes.
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Coosemans Interproduce has built a well-earned reputation as top-level growers, shippers, brokers, importers and exporters of specialty produce. During our time in business, we’ve served countless large and small produce businesses throughout North America. If you’re looking for fresh, quality produce that meets the FDA’s strict food compliance standards, Coosemans Interproduce is the only name you need to know.

With specialty produce becoming a popular commodity in Texas, you need a knowledgeable, reputable supplier, who can consistently deliver top-quality uncommon produce. With dozens of locations throughout the United States, we’re able to meet virtually any produce requirement, whether you need something from near or far.

Our Dallas location is ideally located downtown and ready to meet all of your specialty produce needs.

4716 Bronze Way
Dallas, TX 75236

John Acton, G.M.

C. Jon Anderson