Food Safety
Coosemans Interproduce is a trusted partner for countless produce businesses of all sizes.
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Food Safety

Food Safety

Consumers expect their food to be flavorful and highly nutritious. They also expect it to be free from contaminants and grown in a way that’s both good for the environment and healthy for the people who work to produce it. Coosemans Interproduce is dedicated to providing consumers with the highest quality fruits and vegetables. To meet this goal, we rely on a combination of scientific expertise from qualified on-staff food safety professionals, top-quality employee education and careful selection of suppliers.

Before we agree to work with our growers and suppliers, we make sure they adhere to Coosemans’ strict food safety standards. This means demonstrating stringent compliance with the FDA’s own food safety guidelines for the produce industry. We also ensure that they strictly enforce GMP (good manufacturing practices) with state-of-the-art employee support facilities and continuous and frequently-updated food safety and biosecurity training for employees. Our suppliers must also maintain strong HACCP prerequisite programs centered on recall, sanitation, pest control and plant inspections. These documented HACCP programs must also include:

  • Receiving/initial inspection
  • Sanitizer concentration measurements
  • Hourly monitoring of in-process product temperatures to ensure continuity of the cold chain
  • Final outbound inspection
  • Required yearly third-party audits conducted by SCS Global
  • Quality Assurance Department staffed by college-level degreed food safety/microbiology professionals and properly trained technicians

At Coosemans Interproduce, we have an unyielding dedication to food safety that revolves around unrelenting standards for our operation and anyone else with whom we work. As a nationwide provider of specialty produce, we’ve attained decades of experience serving produce businesses of all sizes.

Please contact our office to learn how you can plug in to the world’s most effective specialty produce network.