Coosemans Interproduce is a trusted partner for countless produce businesses of all sizes.
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Now that specialty produce has become a hot seller in Florida, you need a reliable supplier with uncommon knowledge and experience. For over three decades, Coosemans Interproduce has served as a trusted partner for countless produce businesses of every size. During this time, we’ve earned a reputation as top growers, shippers, brokers, importers and exporters of uncommon produce. Our commitment to quality has made us the top resource for anyone who demands fresh, delicious produce that meets the FDA’s strict requirements for food safety and quality.

With this location, we’re conveniently situated in the heart of the local community. Whether you need produce from near or far, your trusted Coosemans Interproduce partner is ready and able to meet your unique requirements.   We cover all of South Florida, from the Atlantic to the Gulf of Mexico with our own trucks and trained drivers.  Along with our Tampa DC, we have the state of Florida covered from Pensacola to Key Largo!

1111 NW 21 ST
Miami, FL 33127

Mitch Brandfon G.M.