Coosemans Interproduce is a trusted partner for countless produce businesses of all sizes.
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When it comes to the idebarpecialty produce business, Coosemans Interproduce has been an industry leader for over three decades. During that time, we’ve attained a well-earned reputation as a reliable, experienced supplier for countless produce businesses throughout North America.

Now that uncommon produce has established itself as a top commodity in Florida, it’s time to connect with a trusted partner that can meet all of your specialty produce requirements. As one of the leading growers, shippers, brokers, importers and exporters, we’re the ideal solution for large and small businesses that demand fresh, quality produce that meets the FDA’s strict food compliance standards.

Our Tampa location is ideally situated to meet each and every one of your specialty produce needs. Whether you need something from far or near, your Coosemans Interproduce partner is the ultimate resource.   Our reach covers deliveries throughout central and north Florida as well as the panhandle, where we deliver to our customers multiple times per week.

5106 30th Street
Tampa, FL 33610
Robert Culhane, G.M.